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How to make money from the sale of a substantial picture of the need for patience, not anything about the other functions. Or general business.It’s not as simple as the lottery. Need some effort. But the effort is much more fun. It like to play, but not money.Many would argue not.

10 steps to a sale of Shutterstock Contributor

1. Must apply immediately.

Do not hesitate because you think it before you forget it. You know many others have already sold several thousand.Finally, You would sit up until now, if an application to sell to you then. You can not take it. Do not be afraid there is no waste.

2. To make it through.

This step is most difficult and heartbreaking. Tell people that you would be preoccupied with it. Actually it’s much easier if the person who passed it to send pictures to sell.You know that 7 is not difficult at all because Now exported to almost 1,000 images, but for those who are not sure. Need to check it.With inquiries from people who sell the same image many people to confirm that the image is then sent it sure will not have to wait a month, many people are waiting to take you.If not, take heart. While waiting for your picture collection as a pass down the stretch as the image on the web. (more…)