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An Overview for Beginners

Posted: October 24, 2011 in How to

Stock Photography – By far the most profitable way to sell images online

Stock Photography

by – Yuri arcurs….the world’s top selling stock photographer.

Stock photography is about selling images, these days almost always online. More specifically, selling the license to use a photograph. Stock photographs end up in magazines, books, on webpages, as wallpapers, etc. With stock photography, a picture can be sold many times. This means the sale price can be relatively low but the quantity of sales high. Typically, the stock agency takes the bulk of the sale price and the photographer collects a royalty for the sale. As for why you should care–as a photographer’s collection of photographs gets bigger and bigger, this can turn into a full-time job. For some people like me, it can turn into a thriving business that employs over 40 staff members.
This article is a beginners guide about stock photography and how you can enter the stock photography business and be successful in it. I’ll also warn you of some potential pitfalls you’ll want to watch out for.. (more…)

What a good web application?

Posted: September 13, 2011 in How to

Thai is a question that someone asked what the most stable.

Of course, Shutterstock is the web’s best seller is ideal for someone who started with the sale of photographs. Because of that, has come immediately, we will continue to be encouraged. But after that it will turn to us after a while it was sold to istockphoto. (more…)

Perhaps I should re-title this as fast start in 15 evenings, they are pretty intense hours! you’re probably not going to be able to do it all in 2 x 7.5 hour days, I think your brain would melt! You also have to wait several days for your account to be reviewed after you apply to each site. I’ve written this for the amateur photographer who is interested in getting a fast track start into microstock and earning some cash from their photos, but this is still a valuable workflow for a professional who has little experience with microstock.

We recommend these sites A couple of assumptions:

You already have a good collection of images that can be used as stock photos (even if that is just 15 or 20 images). They are well organised on your hard drive so you have access to them, either digital or ready scanned from slide film. Scans of prints or consumer print film will probably not be accepted due to the poor quality of images on these formats. Read more about the kind of image subjects that sell well as microstock.

I have not included upload waiting time, which will depend on the upload speed of your internet connection, but that is time you can spend doing something else…

I will also add the caveat that I really do recommend upload to more than the 4 sites I have listed here (6 or 8 would be typical), but you will soon realise that just 4 sites is still a lot of work to upload to, so for the 15 hour startup we will work with just the top 4 sites and see how things grow from there.

hour Hour 1


                    Internet sites that sell images Microstock is a business that has tremendous value, growing and dynamic. This field is displayed, crafts and a treasure of online photographers from all over the world. The photographers from Europe and America almost a hundred percent. In today’s photographers, both amateur and professional, I have participated and successfully compete in a skills-oriented commercial photography that is open to the world wide.

You are the one who can show the skill of photography is that photographers and clients from around the world. It also involved a tremendous amount of money from selling photos online. Wึe through something that has changed the lives of a number of photographers away completely. If you want to try to prove the capabilities of the charcoals in the international field that will get you all the time. Competitors of all skill levels to compete for championships under the rules of fair competition.

The payoff is that you can reap the enormous talent and diligence as well as your.Here is another method as a step to your success that we have been successful initially. And development can go together.