I was born in Bangkok, Thailand in 1966, currently working as a pharmacist and general  management in a private hospital of one in the province of Ubon Ratchathani in the north-east due to the country.

I interested in photography since I was young because I have an uncle who  like  a film camera and do take it quite personally. Now, it is a wonderful tool to lift up one point to an area like Press the button once. When the process is a black image on white paper, which in the past, but can be saved in the current.

Once enrolled in the University I have the opportunity to visit the exhibition of photography held in the campus. I found diversity in science. And knowledge in the area want to take If I decide to buy a camera that one can remember that the price of eight hundred baht to study photography and film, two rolls. Get two albums. Then I had not  the opportunity to take up architecture again. Because of the film is expensive and the cost of recording clear pictures, it is expensive as well.
Start a new chance to catch my  SLR camera to take pictures at each other. The passion and the passion they can not buy a used SLR cameras. That demand, combined with the wish that was not enough.

During 2000, I efforted to find additional income from the occupation and education, to earn money on the Internet. The MLM business, but was not successful and in 2010 I had found a book written by Sura Nualpradid  is a book about the invention of photography to sell online. It explains the basics of photography, to register as a vendor with  Microstock famous. I feel that there is a possibility and to do what I decided to buy Canon 1000D on July 12,2010, then shooting the instructions of such what explain in that book. In a seller. Microstock the instructions and then Upload the images into the portfolio at 123RF since October 17, 2010.

I am trying very hard to sell images to SHUTTERSTOCK because it has been suggested that the Microstock the best I have tried to send out up to 5 times as successful in  July 27,2011 It was very exciting because when you get to download the images through which a continuous roll  Microstock earnings beat the other images for years.
I’m trying to say that it is not difficult to achieve with photography for sale online if you like taking pictures with the diligence, commitment and open to new knowledge all the time.

Be Successful together.
Srinakorn Tangwai

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