10 steps to a sale of Shutterstock Contributor

Posted: January 25, 2012 in Tips
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How to make money from the sale of a substantial picture of the need for patience, not anything about the other functions. Or general business.It’s not as simple as the lottery. Need some effort. But the effort is much more fun. It like to play, but not money.Many would argue not.

10 steps to a sale of Shutterstock Contributor

1. Must apply immediately.

Do not hesitate because you think it before you forget it. You know many others have already sold several thousand.Finally, You would sit up until now, if an application to sell to you then. You can not take it. Do not be afraid there is no waste.

2. To make it through.

This step is most difficult and heartbreaking. Tell people that you would be preoccupied with it. Actually it’s much easier if the person who passed it to send pictures to sell.You know that 7 is not difficult at all because Now exported to almost 1,000 images, but for those who are not sure. Need to check it.With inquiries from people who sell the same image many people to confirm that the image is then sent it sure will not have to wait a month, many people are waiting to take you.If not, take heart. While waiting for your picture collection as a pass down the stretch as the image on the web.

3. There are over 100 pictures in the Gallery.

Photo Gallery Collection of images and so on until 100 images without having to sell. You did not at first be measured.Do not worry about a day or some days it is not for sale. Or some fluke they sold it. It is an illusion.It is very important when the number of images over 100 pictures in the Gallery, we see a substantial increase in sales at the normal load is 10-20.

4. Well over $ 100.

Over 100 pictures in the Gallery will be close to $ 100 first payment will be transferred into our account. By cutting the top end of the month, the total exceeds $ 100.This is our first encouragement. At this point, you are strongly encouraged. And see that it actually happened. Is not a hobby anymore. Some time after the first month.

5. There are over 500 photos in the Gallery.

This procedure is very possible. It will be the largest collection of images. Many people are in a crisis, is running out.This is where many people have to start looking for ways to capture and create new jobs. The problem is that the original image will start to fail because we are starting to sell a ton.

But if you persevere through the accumulation of images that are possible. Begin to understand the market and create new jobs every day.

*** Step 5-6 may be interchangeably for some people.

6. total more than $ 500.

If the total exceeds $ 500 a percentage of sales increased by 30%.From $ 0.25  to $ 0.33 on demand will increase from $ 1.88 to $ 2.48 sales will increase and you panic. Not only sales only.If you come to this point shows that the image you have already sold out. It gives people a great increase exponentially.

7. There are more than 1,000 images in the Gallery.

After $ 500, then you will become a full picture of sales. And to understand everything in the sale of images. The accumulation of this one.

Do not stop any longer to start than to give back the same forbidden to send ” emphasized that the images should be sent every week.”

If they do not stock it at least kept to a minimum of 20 hours per week over the 1,000 figure is still well on sales, and enhance images on demand is becoming more common.Many people not only to enhance the image on demand, it was 200-300 dollars a month just on this point, the main income of thousands per month are common.

8.Total exceeds $ 3,000.

Believe that if a thousand images in Gallery, and also continuous. You have calculated that thousands of people.You have income month 500-800 $ will make up to $ 3,000 in 6 months and this percentage will increase by 10%.

9. There are over 3,000 pictures in the Gallery.

At this point . A flag that this is a true professional.The income per month. 30000-40000. I can pretend to be the main occupation.

10. Balance over $ 10,000.

Shutterstock is a flag on top of $ 10,000 a percentage of sales revenue will increase by 5% but 5% of which are now in thousands.

It is hundreds of dollars in sales per month increase for sure. At this point  you do not buy a car if you sold it 1-2 years.Step 7, 8, 9 and 10 may be reversed depending on the quality of some 1,000 images, it might be the same revenue in excess of 10,000 Us.Sales in other sites may be different, but similar to levels in the three percent.

Now you are selling what level? Pass it on?

” Yuri Arcurs Microstock is a man who sold the world’s largest online video per month, $ 25,000, or 750,000 baht per month and growing every month. There are over millions of years ago.Sells over 1,000 images per day on Shutterstock”


Article by : PaperBox Stockphoto by Kanate

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